Quick Quotes


‘Just fantastic to go and see live.
Do catch them if you can’

Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3

‘One of Britain’s finest voices’

BBC Radio 4

‘Britain’s leading hot-fingered mandolin virtuoso’

‘Simon Mayor is a real find’
The Daily Telegraph

‘A witty and captivating mix of folk, blues, swing 
and classical showstoppers, spiced with a unique brand of off-beat humour.’

The Guardian

‘Elegant singing’
Daily Telegraph

‘Sheer Musical Brilliance’

BBC World Service

‘With Simon Mayor’s first note the audience came to life. It was they who made sitting on a hard seat ’til midnight worth it.’
Arran Festival

‘left you feelin lik you were floatin on a peerie cloud somewhar.’
Shetland Folk Festival

‘Monstrously enjoyable. If you see them advertised 
anywhere make a pilgrimage! ‘

Folk North West

‘A whole stream of mirthful anecdotes, blurry-fingered precision and sweetly sung blues, standards and folk songs’

Glasgow Herald