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Live clips

     When Summer Comes Again (Mayor/James)

     Lime Rock (trad arr Mayor/James)

     Searching For Lambs (trad arr Mayor/James)

     The Russian / Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Handel arr Mayor)

     Melancholy Blues (Bloom/Melrose)

     The Parrot Song (S Mayor)

‘I really very rarely play funny songs; it was just that I was so charmed the first time I heard the “Parrot”, I just cracked up. So I broke down and played it on air, and the phones lit up. One caller told me she’d had to pull over on the freeway, because she thought driving while laughing so hard she was crying was likely dangerous. I’ve played it several times now, always to much audience acclaim.’
Breakfast Jam Show, KRCL 90.9FM, Salt Lake City, USA

‘It was probably 11pm when Simon Mayor and Hilary James came on. The audience had remained formal and restrained until then. But with Simon Mayor’s first note the audience came to life. They were the perfect foil for each other, he dead-pan and brilliant on mandolin, she singing and offering backing on guitar or bass … they were great and the audience loved them. Above all Simon Mayor and Hilary James did not speak to their audience as though to an in-crowd and for me it was they who made sitting on a hard seat ‘til midnight worth it.’
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